What is a CD Key (digital distribution)?

A CD key is primarily used to activate the game after its purchase. This activation is usually done online for easier game management (updates, download) and the activation is done on commonly used platforms such as STEAM, Origin, Uplay, and the like.

Are all keys original?

All the keys are provided directly by the publisher 1C Online Games Ltd. 

How do I activate the game?

For each game you plan to get, you will need to know which platform it is available on (Steam, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net and others). Your required online platform can be downloaded to your PC for free via the Internet where you will be asked to create an account. After logging into the platform, you can enter your unique key for the purchased game and the game will be activated and assigned to your profile. Subsequently, all you need is simply download, install, and run the game.

Do I have to be signed in and/or online when playing?

Almost all platforms require registration and login, but if you go to an offline state, your computer will remember your login data and information, and you can play, even without access to the Internet.

Can I play on multiple computers? How do I install the game again?

After activation, the game is stored on the platform you purchased it for (eg. Steam). When you log on to install the game on another PC, the game will also be available there. However, if you want to install the game on multiple PCs, you must purchase the appropriate number of licenses/keys. A game cannot be transferred to another account, since it remains permanently activated on that unique account.

How will the key be delivered to me and how long will it take?

All products are delivered electronically (if the product does not expressly state otherwise). After the settlement and payment of your order, you will receive an e-mail message that your game is available to be picked up in your profile on our website.

Thanks to electronic delivery you will not have to wait for the game to arrive, you can play in a few minutes!

It is the price final and total? Will I be charged any fees?

Our prices are final; and because the keys are delivered electronically, the only thing you need is an Internet connection. Above the price of the products there may be added fees for various, more expensive types of payments, according to your choice.

How can I pay?

All payment options are visible in the basket. You can pay using credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers and more.

Are you providing a CD Key warranty?

For all sold CD keys, we provide an 100% guarantee that your CD key is unique and unused. If you find that your CD key is faulty, and we verify the faulty key, we will refund your money or send another CD key in case that problem occurs within the activation. However, we do not accept claims for already used keys.